1. to feel confident of success
  2. to expect great things to happen

synonyms: positive, assertive, assured, bold, determined,
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Bullish Technology is a trusted partner, mentoring small business to better understand how technology can empower their business.

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We're Southwest Ohio's IT Authority

Providing IT expertise & extraordinary client care for over 20 years

Bullish Technology keeps small business IT networks running smooth. Our solutions are straightforward and our technicians act fast on those rare occasions when issues do arise. But we’re best known for keeping our clients satisfied, with fairly-priced solutions and prompt support.

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Technology at Work

Technology continues to change the way the world does business. Technology has become a Small Business necessity. For that reason, it must integrate seamlessly into the framework of small business. It must be cost-effective, reliable, and secure. At Bullish Technology, we endeavor to provide technology solutions our clients can trust to support their long-term strategies and goals.

Our technicians are certified and assured

So you’ll get professional expertise with all of our Superior IT Solutions

  • IT Consulting
  • Remote Assistance
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Hardware Installation
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Data Security & Recovery

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