Proactive IT Management

Round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of your business systems eliminates computer downtime and empowers employees.

IT Asset Management

You need an expert to handle the licensing and security patches for your software and to track the warranties and critical maintenance schedules for your hardware.

IT asset management (ITAM) is all about ensuring your business systems operate efficiently. It requires a detailed inventory of your computers, networking equipment, software applications, and even peripherals like monitors, mice, cabling, and wiring to help you make the right decisions about purchasing and retiring equipment.

ITAM is critical because substandard equipment often leads to substandard results. When laptops aren’t fast, tablets don’t connect to Wi-Fi, and software isn’t secure, employee productivity will suffer. But it won’t if Bullish Technology manages an ITAM application on your network that takes inventory and tracks equipment life cycles.

How will Proactive IT Management help your business operate
more profitably?

By providing you with an outsourced IT staff that’s on watch around the clock, supporting every inch of your hardware and software so downtime never occurs.

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Proactive IT Management covers the following five steps for tracking your hardware and software life cycles:

  • Plan / Design
  • Acquire / Develop
  • Integrate / Install
  • Maintain / Upgrade
  • Retire / Recycle
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Symantec
  • Microsoft Partner