Superior IT Solutions

Expert consulting and on-demand technical support ensure every aspect of your IT network is optimized for peak performance.

Remote Assistance

Our certified technicians are on standby, ready to connect to your network and resolve your hardware and software issues fast.

Bullish Technology’s IT support technicians possess not only high-level hardware and software certifications, but they also take the time to learn about your business. So whether you call them for help with your server, desktop PCs, mobile devices, or software apps, they’ll have your company’s call history on file and a deep understanding of your IT setup.

This knowledge means our technicians won’t have to spend as much time fact-finding and troubleshooting on the call, with the main advantage being that they’ll solve issues more quickly than ordinary IT support providers. But, if ever a lack of information prevents a remote resolution, we’ll visit your facility at your earliest convenience.

How will our Superior IT Solutions help your business operate
more profitably?

By providing you with an outsourced IT staff that knows your systems, understands your needs, and can handle any technology project on demand.

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Bullish Technology’s Superior IT Solutions include Remote IT Assistance with the following features:

  • Quick fixes for operating systems & software applications
  • Server & PC troubleshooting, diagnoses, & enhancements
  • Networking equipment, Internet connectivity, cabling, wiring, etc.
  • Virus scans, email spam & phishing filtering, firewall configuration
  • Mobile device security, Wi-Fi optimization, new mobile app deployments
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Symantec
  • Microsoft Partner